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When Mistress Kitty takes her slave to a ball game, she expects him to behave well. When he doesn't, she takes him to the other side of the park and ties him to the fence. She stomps all over him. She kicks him. She makes him pay for embarassing her at the game. When she is done with her punishment, she makes him open his mouth and spits in it.

Two sexy ass blonde bombshells introduces their bound slave to another level of humiliation that he has never experienced. Layla stuffs her high heel deep into his mouth and stomach. Jane spits out the gum that she was chewing and makes the slave pick up the gum with his mouth. The sisters each takes turn spitting in his face. He could nothing but take the humiliation from these sexy ass women.

Mistress Melissa has her slave bound up and laying on the ground. He is now helplessly delivered to her as she walks all over his body with her sexy plateau over knee boots and makes him smell her stinky nylon feet as she covers his face with them. Later she also smothers him with her ass...

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