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Mistress Amy wears her sexy black pumps in this clip. Since her slave has been a very bad boy, she decided to punish him. He is made to lay his hands on the ground so she can easily step on his fingers and his whole hand. Her girlfriend arrives to support her - now both girls are stepping and crushing his fingers and hands to make him suffer and punish him.

This on belongs to the hard ones. Extreme crushing contained and guaranteed! Two sexy ladies are wearing white and black pumps with high heels and they are using them to torture a slaves fingers and hands. The crush, stomp and keep staying on his hands and fingers with their full weight.

Those evil sado sisters Layla and Jane are having a lot of fun as they both trample their victim who is laying on the ground. Both girls are kicking devilish and very cruel against his body and walk all over him in turn. Later they even jump on his chest just to overbid themselves with cruel actions.

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