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Our favorite dominatrix mistress Katja is home from a long day of whipping and abusing stupid men and all she wants is to relax. Her foot slave is ready to oblige by giving her steel heels a good tongue licking. When he's done with her shoes he moves on to her stinky nylon covered toes and feet, inhaling the smell before starting in the on the tongue bath she wants.

Mistress Katja is sitting right in front of you and shows you her sexy high heel boots with metal heels. Now you're going to lick those dirty boots until they're clean again. You'll start by licking the dirty soles of her boots before you'll suck the dirt of the thin stiletto heels.

Mistress Lady Katja sits on her favorite sofa as her slave is lying on the ground next to her feet. She makes him lick the dirt right off the soles of her Stilettos. After he is done and after he swallowed all those nasty presents she makes him worship her nylon feet.

Mistress Buffy is very angry - so she beat a passing biker off his bike just to torture and punish him. She tramples him and steps on him with her sexy sharp heels and full weight. She has fun quitting her aggressions on his poor body and keeps torturing him even as some people are passing by...

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