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This demanding young Mistress is angry! Her boyfriend is a loser because he is a submissive freak. So she decided to quit their relationship but because he is very rich she wants to keep him as slave. That would give her the power to make him do anything she wants. She was a bit surprised as she told him about her plans and found him kneeling and licking her shoes clean instead of decline her offer...

This slave is a real lucky one because he earned the rare privilege to worship two dominant Mistresses at the same time. While they sit on a chair, he is kneeling on the ground in front of them and licks the dirt off their shoe soles. After he is done the ladies take off their shoes to make him sniff and smell them and as little highlight he is even allowed to lick and worship their bare feet...

Mistress Isabell is wearing a pair of sexy silver high heel sandals when she finds this little doll girl lying on the carpet - she just can't resist and steps right on the little girl, crushing it under the weight of her giantess body. She really grinds the little body under her shoes until it's flat like a piece of paper.

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