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Lady Chanel's wearing a new pair of dangerous high heel sandals for this session. She starts by trampling the slave's chest - but then steps on his head too! This beautiful mistress literally crushes her slave's face under the hard sole and sharp heels of her sexy shoes. In the end she even tramples his cock under her full weight!

This very sexy Asian Mistress has you kneeling on the ground next to her while she shows of her sexy perfect feet in her sandals. She dangles her shoes and smiles down to you and because you are sitting there like a good little bitch she instantly decided to reward you with her delicious spit! First she lets the saliva run out her mouth and hit the ground then she smears it all over the floor with her sexy sandals and finally she keeps holding her soles right into your face to make you lick it all up...

Mistress Isabell is wearing a pair of sexy silver high heel sandals when she finds this little doll girl lying on the carpet - she just can't resist and steps right on the little girl, crushing it under the weight of her giantess body. She really grinds the little body under her shoes until it's flat like a piece of paper.

Mistress Alyzee has her slave laying on the ground somewhere outside in the forest. She first make shim suck her heels clean. Next she walks all over his pathetic body. He has to carry her full weight while she laughs at him and humiliates him for being such a sick pervert...

The mistress isn't really happy with her slaves done housework - so she decides to punish him. She makes him lay on the ground and forbids to move or resist. Before he gets to know what the mistress is planning, she stomped his hand with her full weight for the first time. He cries out loud in pain but is frightened to take his hand back. So the mistress continues to trample his hand with her full weight and her sexy high heels...

Graziella dominates a guy with her feet for the same time but simply loves the feeling of a guy kissing and licking her high heel sandals. If he does a good job he'll maybe be allowed to worship her bare feet afterwards too

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