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It would seem that the usual punishment and humiliation techniques aren't sufficient for this loser foot slave. Madame Marissa has had enough of his insolence, and punishes him severely by making him lie on the floor while she grinds her savage high heels into his hands and fingers. She knows how to inflict intense pain upon her slave, and now he knows how to worship her feet properly.

In her sexy grey babydoll halter dress and high-heels, this cigarette smoking long-haired brunette makes her slave a doormat. She's too busy on her phone to even care that her high-heeled shoes are painfully crushing a man's hands as he lay helpless on the floor. As soon as she is off the phone, she continues to walk all over his hands and then spits on him as she continues to smoke. She eventually puts her cigarette out in his bare hands.

The mistress isn't really happy with her slaves done housework - so she decides to punish him. She makes him lay on the ground and forbids to move or resist. Before he gets to know what the mistress is planning, she stomped his hand with her full weight for the first time. He cries out loud in pain but is frightened to take his hand back. So the mistress continues to trample his hand with her full weight and her sexy high heels...

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