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When she gets a new slave, she sends the others away. She wants to concentrate on her new slave and get him use to his position. She puts her new slave on his back, making him open wide to eat the ashes from her cigarette as she smokes and tells him the rules. She enjoys ordering him to suck the heel of her shoe and licking the sole. When he doesn't respond as she wants, she is quick to spit on him and tell him he deserves to be her bitch.

In her sexy grey babydoll halter dress and high-heels, this cigarette smoking long-haired brunette makes her slave a doormat. She's too busy on her phone to even care that her high-heeled shoes are painfully crushing a man's hands as he lay helpless on the floor. As soon as she is off the phone, she continues to walk all over his hands and then spits on him as she continues to smoke. She eventually puts her cigarette out in his bare hands.

Mistress Kitty sits on a chair and reads a magazine. She nearly doesn't notice her slave who is laying on the ground next to her feet. She rubs the bottoms of her sandals right over his faces and lets him lick up all the dirt. In between he is used as personal ashtray. Who wouldn't love to live a life under a dominant woman's shoes...

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