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Mistress Kitty has been walking around on the beach all day and now her high heels are all dirty and they simply need to be cleaned right away. She orders her slave down on to the ground and, in order to stay clean, she sits down right on his balls and lets her full weight crush them while she shoves her high heels into his face and makes him lick them clean.

Mistress Kitty's wearing her sexy high heel mules with wooden heels today and tramples her slave's body. She walks all over his stomach, chest and head. She also tramples his balls under her dangerous heels and makes him lick her shoes clean while she's standing on him.

Mistress Kitty sits on a chair and reads a magazine. She nearly doesn't notice her slave who is laying on the ground next to her feet. She rubs the bottoms of her sandals right over his faces and lets him lick up all the dirt. In between he is used as personal ashtray. Who wouldn't love to live a life under a dominant woman's shoes...

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