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In her sexy grey babydoll halter dress and high-heels, this cigarette smoking long-haired brunette makes her slave a doormat. She's too busy on her phone to even care that her high-heeled shoes are painfully crushing a man's hands as he lay helpless on the floor. As soon as she is off the phone, she continues to walk all over his hands and then spits on him as she continues to smoke. She eventually puts her cigarette out in his bare hands.

Mistress Lady Katja and her girlfriend are on a jump to a date. But before they both go, they need to feed their little foot pet. So they crush some cakes and make the slave who is laying on the ground, eat up all the stuff from their shoes. They laugh and humiliate him for being such a pervert.

Mistress Katja sits on the couch and orders her slave, who's lying on the floor in front of her, to lick her dirty boots until they're clean and shiny again. He has to lick the sole as well as the dirty and sharp heel which she forces into his mouth - not caring about any pain or misery she causes!

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