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Miss Koralie loves giving an ass whooping while she has her knee high boots on, she can even dish out a mean headstanding as she grinds her heal into your head. watch as she gives a ballbusting kick in her heal boots and then trampling all over a cock. This is one hell of a ball trampling, ball kicking video that you will never forget making you want to come back and see what's next.

Megan and Xana want to torture their slave by trampling his cock and balls under their sexy high heel shoes. Megan tramples his cock under her open-toe high heels while Xana tortures his balls under her platform acryl heels. They even dig their sharp heels into his balls and cock!

Mistress Léa makes a short walk outside in the forest with her little slave. Then as they both are alone somewhere deep inside the forest, she makes him worship her sexy shoes. He is made to kiss, lick and suck her shoes clean! Later she tramples him with her full body weight and her shoes right on.

Lady Megan and sexy mistress Xana are testing their new high heel stilettos they have bought in the city. Both girls are walking off and then it's about time to test them on their slave. So they step on him and trample him over and over again, making him carry their full weight and take all the pain for them.

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