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A shirtless and tattooed shoe slave is on his knees while he waits his punishment in the driveway. Mistress Lea sits down on a folding chair and forces him to lick the red bottom of her black high heeled shoes. She is wearing sunglasses, a long blue blouse and black slacks. He must then polish shoes with his tongue. She humiliates him even more by snapping pictures while he is working off his punishment.

Mistress Léa makes a short walk outside in the forest with her little slave. Then as they both are alone somewhere deep inside the forest, she makes him worship her sexy shoes. He is made to kiss, lick and suck her shoes clean! Later she tramples him with her full body weight and her shoes right on.

There's nothing better than a nice short walk in the sun... Oh yes - nearly! Having a slave down on the ground, licking my high heels clean is an argument - and if I can sadistically hurt and torture him a bit it's much better and amusing for me...

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